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I apologize in advance if this has been covered. I tried doing a search and did not see any results.

Has anyone (in the USA) received and successfully programmed one of the winged smart keys purchased from KAI? They sent me a couple pics each with different part numbers. According to my local Hyundai dealer, I need part number 3M220 for my 2011 4.6L Genny, which I bought used and only came with one fob. I am working with KAI to make sure what they send me will be compatible as they do not accept returns on electronics items. Price quoted including shipping was under $100.00 (I realize I will need to pay to have it programmed at the dealership).

I saw another post elsewhere about a winged fob that was purchased (not from KAI) that will only work in Korea due to different frequency regulations (FCC). KAI of course says that they sell many of these and have not had any complaints about programming issues. Your help and advise is greatly appreciated as I would like to get a second fob. Plus, I think the winged one looks pretty sweet as well. :p

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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