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Hi all!
New member here. Recently remote bought a low mileage 2019 G70 2.0 for my wife from a Texas dealership (we live in Georgia). The Carfax is clean, single owner, no accidents, no flood damage, etc. and the car is in perfect shape and drives like a dream. No dents, door dings, disfigurement, or even rock chipping up front. All components inside the engine bay (at least the plastic/non-metal ones) look good, but the engine block itself seems to have a lot of corrosion and rust. Not sure why it’s in the condition it is but figured I’d throw the question out here.

Anything you guys can think of that would cause this much corrosion on a low-mileage car, and will this become an issue later on? Throwing some pics on here so you all can see.

Also, what goes in the translucent container on the front right of the engine bay (2nd pic)? It seems to be a bluish liquid in there that’s low, and I figured anti-freeze, but there’s also a radiator anti-freeze fill point on the front left of the engine bay, so I’m at a loss.

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