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Wheels have easy-to-read labels that include letters and numbers grouped to fit the width, diameter and profile. A code may, for example, have the 6JX15 ET40 4X108 format.

Let’s find out what it means:

The inner width of the rim - is measured between the rim edges and it is expressed in cm. Considering the known factor as the rim's tolerances, it is not wrong to mount a slightly larger tire, about 0.787inch in height.

Total diameter - measured in inches from one side of the outside surface, crossing the center of the rim. The diameter of a rim is chosen according to the dimensions provided in the bead as well as the preferences of each driver. The diameter is always inscribed on the rims and influences the weight, stability, startup, etc.

Profile of the rim

The letters attached to the figure are showing the inside width of the rim show what kind of profile the rim is, on which surface the tire is located. Most of the cars have "J", a profile of the common and universal rim. 4 × 4 cars often have "JJ" rims, while other older cars may have, for example, a "K" profile.

EH2 (Extended Hump) - a type of rims that reduce the risk of tire detonation at the time of pressure loss.

FP - rim protection.

FR - Rim protection rib

FSL - Rim protection

RPB - Wheel rim protection
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