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Last week I bought a new KIA Sorento for my daughter. Then I needed to buy a new car for my son. First I looked at the Optima. Then I found out KIA and Hyundai were the same company. So I looked at the Hyundai line. I kept seeing rave reviews for the Genesis.

I researched like crazy for a few days determining what price I could get and which version to get. Picked a 3.8 Genesis sedan with the tech package. After talking to a couple of out of town dealers mentioned in threads, yesterday I finally went to my local dealership and drove one. I was blown away.

3 of the 4 Genesis they had were labeled previously titled used. The dealer said they were hail damaged at the port and they were fixed by paintless dent removal. The cars look perfect and they have around 20 miles on them. The only negative is I lose the 10 year/ 100K miles warranty but I don't plan on keeping the car for even 5 years.

The price is at least $1,000 less than any price I could find on the Internet that other people paid and $2,800 less than 2 out of town dealerships gave me. I ended up putting a deposit on 2 of them. I'm getting my wife one also. They are going to show me the Carfax before I complete the sale.

Is there anything I should be concerned about on this deal? Some other questions I should ask?
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