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thinking about used Genesis

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my 3 years lease ends by end of February (BMW 330 2018).
There are options... I can go with simply buying my car (love it and possibly will get something very interesting money wise).
Sure, look around...
I want to bother you guys with couple of questions about Genesis Sedan 2015 model with 60 to 75K KM.

In September my son returned his Audi and went with Genesis 2015 model (not a standard choice for 24 years old boy :)). It has high mileage but is in very good condition and he paid for 4 years warranty.
I tried the car once and simply congratulated my son.
I think about 2015 just because of the current situation...
If I will go for used, it will be 2015. There are couple of super deals.

I would like to ask about general reliability of the car. What problems could be expected? Known problems?
I checked a maitenance schedule up to 200K KM. There are mostly Inspections and not replacements. Looks to good to be true :).

Will appreciate any practical info espessially about 2015 model. I will not drive it more than 15K KM per year. Could it be hussle free up to 150K KM (of course I am not asking guarantee :) ).

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yehh... and I am talking about 2015 Sedan Premium or Lux package 3.8
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