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re: Brake fluid corrosion issue

Hi all, first time poster with a query.:confused:

Background to query:

owner of an 09 genesis with no prior problems with the brakes.

Took the car in for the recall brake fluid and since then have had intermittent trouble with not being able to depress the brake to the normal level when stopping.

The ESC light was also on for about 30min and then spontaneously went off as well.

When the car was then pulled over there was what smelled like a burning odour emanating from the rear of the car.:eek:

I have since taken it to the dealer to be looked at.

The dealer response was that the ABS module had to be replaced.

My question is as follows:

If ABS as well as ESC and traction control are all integral to the braking system and one is corroded as a result of faulty brake fluid, wouldn't all be affected?

Has anyone experienced/thought about this aspect of the 'faulty brake fluid issue'?

Your responses are appreciated! :)
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