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My nitpicks:
Cruise control buttons should be on the right side of the right side steering wheel control group.
Do we really need smart cruise ? Once you learn to use this feature it is something you will not want to get along without!
I was lukewarm about a heads up display based on brief encounters while driving other cars so equipped. After purchasing and driving the 2015 Genesis about 100 miles I am convinced that Hyundai's implementation of this feature is done right and is very useful.
I would sure like to have a way to suppress that display warning screen permanently. I think a very good case could be made that it creates more of a hazard then it is meant to prevent. Kind of like backup interlocks on lawn tractors; but then I digress!
Being able to see the Monroney label on dealer websites is an extreme plus. I used this information extensively while trying to find this car. For some reason all car dealerships are not making this kind of info available, fortunately most Hyundai dealers do. I was finding that some of the main listings on the websites regarding drive, engine and color information had inaccuracies. Some dealer websites are really pathetic and amateurish in the way they try to make long laundry lists of options and packages; I hope it is not their intention to confuse people in an attempt to lure them into the showroom!

Comments on nitpicks I have heard:
I have had fog lights on several cars in the past and would have been hard pressed to figure out how to turn them on in a hurry, but I guess if you live by the sea coast it might be a different story. Soft touch upper dashboards and padded door handles don't rate as too important to me either. I don't think I will comment on someone's remarks about the dashboard vents not being symmetrical or the front and rear brake calipers not being the same color.
Maybe the voice recognition features will improve as I become accustomed to them or they become accustomed to me; but I am not overly optimistic about it. I do think that there are people who would like to depend more on this kind of technology than my needs require. IBM and others have been working on speech to text software for twenty five years and it is still iffy and their systems require a more sophisticated microphone and quieter environment than we find in an automobile. I really don't mind pushing a few buttons as a substitute.

Thoughts on fuel mileage:
I am glad to see that on the 2015 Genesis there is an option to manually reset the mileage computer. This option may have been available on models before 2015 but the 2011 Equus that I had previously would only keep track of mileage from refill to refill, (auto reset). The auto reset mode may have some advantage, but what it may be eludes me. As far as I'm concerned the only mileage calculation that has any value is the MPG that accumulates day in and day out, year in and year out. That way you take in to account all the types of roads, speeds, seasonal temperature changes and other natural variables that occur in the course of driving the vehicle. From a practical standpoint any cars MPG is pretty much fixed by that particular cars set of specifications, weight, engine size, etc. For a given car the MPG will remain pretty much constant once it is broken in unless there is some kind of mechanical malfunction. Any malfunctions that do occur are usually easily detected by the average driver especially with all the computerized feedback that is provided in our modern cars. Barring any mechanical malfunctions the MPG difference in identical cars is always do to how and where the car is driven.
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