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Hey everybody,
My name is Aaron Wyse.. I am new to Hyundai.. But open to change.
I've been Dodge since I can remember.. I think that will show in a blood test..
But times changeed and I just became the Internet Sales Manager for Hyundai of Dothan. In Dothan, Alabama..
I am doing what I can to learn of the products and make a future with the brand..
If anyone needs a ride.. I will be monitoring here, on facebook, in e-mail, by phone..
I can be reached at 334-699-6416 or my cell number is 334-701-3239.
My E-mail is [email protected]..
I will be trying to get the dealership to sponsor this site if I find them a few deals here.. The more deals.. The more funding I can get them to funnel this way.
Any product advise or sales will all be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.
Aaron J Wyse
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