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I leased a new 2016 Genesis 3.8 with the Ultimate Package a few weeks ago. I noticed the navigation/map information was not showing the latest data, i.e., newer roads and speed limits. I emailed Genesis Customer Care through to ask about current map software. They referred me to for updates. Two new updates have come out since the version in my new car. The cost for the latest update would be $245.70. I contacted my dealer and they quoted $340. They said if I did it myself I could damage the system.

I contacted Genesis Customer Care by phone to express my dissatisfaction. They said I should pay for the update and send a request to them for reimbursement which they would forward to Hyundai. They cautioned I may not be reimbursed. When I asked for assurance first, they said Hyundai wouldn't allow them to do that. What value does Genesis Customer Care have if Hyundai hasn't enabled them?

I took delivery of a new car. The current map software should have been included. It will take more than a name change for Hyundai to make it to the big league. A reputation for customer service has to be earned.
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