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Musty Odor

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I just got my 2015 Genesis. so far, really loving it (my dog thinks its a Subaru)

Still learning everything. The only issue I have is when I start the car, I get a musty odor coming from vents. Not overwhelming but definitely there. I am in Florida, so i use mostly AC. As soon as cold air starts coming out the odor dissipates. I don't detect anything before I start the car. I have run the heat; it is not an issue there either.

I have removed for inspection the old cabin filter. I don't really detect any odors on the filter, but have a new carbon filter on the way. I am hoping it is not symptomatic of any problem. I was thinking of spraying some anti mold enzyme (probably not bleach) into the vents and both sides of the ducts at the filter.

Any thoughts?
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I put the new filter in. Definitely better but not gone
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