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Will you lowerer your Genesis or leave it stock height?

  • Lower: Coilovers

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Lower: Springs

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Leave it stock

    Votes: 6 85.7%
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Like the title says, do you have any plans to lower your Genesis or leave it stock height. Also, if you're lowering it, springs or coilovers?

I don't drive a Genesis... yet! But my current car is lowered on springs. That was the most affordable option for me at the time - I'm looking into coilovers, as I do take my car to the track, so it does offer up a bit of a stiffer suspension.

When I get my Genesis, I would lower it - most likely coilovers, but we'll see.

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You plan on tracking your Genesis? If that is the case you will have to do a lot more than just coils or coilovers. Sway bars, upper strut bars and a lower tie bar would also make a big difference as this is such a big car. Good luck!

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