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I have a 2011 Genesis 4.6 (w/nav of course) and in my experience, it seems the iPod Classic 6th generation (skinny versions) seem to work best with this car. I have had perfect success with an 80gb version and 120gb version. I have not tried the 160gb thick version to test. Although as we all know who use iPod classics, a search function on the console is greatly needed.

I have tried three 5th gens (30gb & 2 80gb) iPod Video versions that worked well but had issues when trying to select by Artist. It would work sometimes and not some others. I also had a 7th gen 160gb (thin firmware 2.0.4) that would not sync at all with the car but functioned perfectly otherwise. (I also had a 3rd gen 32gb iPod touch which worked fine but we are talking Classics here)

I actually owned all of these iPods at one time or another and always used the Genuine Hyundai iPod cable to connect them...Buying, fixing, selling, etc. to figure out the best solution. I am not sure if this is the norm or not, or just what seems to work best with my particular car. In each test, the iPod had close to 80gb of music on them (or full if smaller capacity). Nonetheless, I figured it may help someone who wants to get an iPod Classic and have a better chance of success.
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