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About 50% of the time my iphone does not connect properly on my 2012 sedan. It looks like its OK on the panel but I do not receive incoming calls. My Iphone vibrates but the Genesis system cannot be used to answer or talk. I have tried re-pairing but still the same. The Iphone worked great in my previous car (2009 Acura TL) and works great in my wife's Acura MDX. In the Genesis the only thing that I can do is wait a few minutes, then run the disconnect and reconnect on the car's panel. I suspect the issue is a software problem in the Genesis bootup cycle.
I see where several have reported this same problem on the Genesis Coupe forum. I reported this to my dealer as a major issue for me (missing incoming calls) but the dealer blew me off. I believe my Acura or Lexus dealer would not have quit until the issue was solved. I guess this is another instance of getting what you paid for.
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