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Ahead of their official airing during Super Bowl XLIV, Hyundai has released two of its commercials. The first is called “10 Years/Favre” and is set 10 years in the future where a 50-year-old Favre (even more gray-haired than now) accepts the MVP award and contemplates retiring… again. With the words, "We don't know what things will be like 10 years from now," Hyundai points out that its powertrain warranty on your new Hyundai will still be around.

The second commercial, called "Paint" isn't humorous, but highlights the all-new 2011 Sonata (it's paint in particular) as a work of art. Hyundai also returns to its old gimmick of comparing its products to some rather high-end models, ending the clip with the words, "Better paint quality than a Mercedes CLS550."

Both commercials are narrated by actor Jeff Bridges, who's voice is rivaled only by Morgan Freeman.

See the link below for both videos, as well as a few of Hyundai's past Super Bowl ads.

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