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Hyundai has launched its own 'viral video' taking a shot at competitors like Ford and Chevy, while promoting its new 2011 Elantra.

The 'Save the Asterisks' internet ad is drawing attention to the fact that while Ford does offer a high-mileage 40-mpg highway Fiesta SFE and Chevy has a special 42-mpg highway Cruze Eco, the all-new 2011 Elantra gets 40-mpg on every model. In other words, Hyundai's fuel economy rating doesn't come with an asterisk next to it.

What that means is that no matter if you get a GLS base model or top-trim level Limited, regardless of transmission choice, all Elantras will return 40-mpg on the highway. The different, in some cases, can be significant, with the Cruze ECO costing a solid $4,000 more than a base Elantra that comes in at $14,830.

More: Hyundai Pokes Fun at the Competition With 'Save the Asterisks' Ad on
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