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Hyundai Made a Sexy Car. What the Heck? Here’s How They Did It

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Hyundai surprised the automotive world when it recently took the wraps off its unusually sexy Vision G Coupe Concept during the prestigious Monterey Car Week. A collective gasp and then some soul searching likely happened shortly afterwards, people surely contemplating what the world was coming to when the word 'sexy' could legitimately be used to describe a Hyundai.

Initial reactions to the concept were split on opposite ends of the spectrum. People either thought it was beautiful and should be put into production right away, or they hated it and thought it was just a copycat. Either way, Chris Chapman, Hyundai’s chief U.S. designer, welcomes the strong opinions.

'I welcome polarization and the hot and cold,' he said in a recent interview during Pebble Beach festivities. 'I’d rather have that than something lukewarm, which doesn’t make a statement.'
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