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Costco is one of the great wonders of our society, enabling the average consumer to buy massive quantities of everything from hand lotion to olive oil to alcohol. At some point, company execs decided to expand the Costco business model – to include cars.

An astute poster on VWVortex discovered that one of the cars being offered by the chain was none other than the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan. Poster "adrew" of Forth Worth, Texas, found that the car was being offered in his area for about $29,000, a significant discount from the MSRP of $33,000. Just think, not only will you be able to get a Korean luxury car (already a bargain of a price) at an eve bigger bargain, but just think of the story you'll be able to tell your friends and family: "Guess what? I bought a Korean luxury car from Costco." Then again, you might want to think twice, as you're sure to be met with the nauseating yet obligatory "Did you buy it in bulk?" jokes.

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