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Hyundai 10-Speed Transmission Under Development

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It's anything but a secret: more gears mean better gas mileage. Mercedes-Benz packs a seven-speed automatic into many of its cars, Lexus uses an eight-speed transmission in its LS sedans, but these amply geared boxes are generally the things of luxury cars until now.

We were the first to report that Hyundai had a 10-speed transmission in the works, having announced it at a tech briefing in Michigan. Hyundai has now confirmed that the transmission is under development, and will be in production as soon as possible, though details are still murky about which vehicles will get the technology. Given how aggressively automakers are pushing for better mileage year over year, it might make sense that the new gearbox would fall into Elantras or Accents rather than or alongside the luxurious Genesis and Equus. No doubt the transmission is being designed with the CAFE fuel economy regulations in mind that will come into effect fully in 2025 and expect a 54.4 mpg average rating.

We'll keep you up to date as more emerges.

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