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Hi guys, I am newby here and wanna share my story how I was looking for tires.

When I bought my 2015 Hyundai Genesis, I decided to change tires.

My budget was limited because I spent a lot buying a car, it meant that I had to find a place where
I could choose good used tires.

I visited so many places around the state (I lived in Florida) also I was browsing the net and checked so many sites, but I couldn't find place with nice used tires for affordable price.

After a while I was reading feed at Facebook and my friend liked Supertires feed post, I got curious and visited their Facebook page, I found much useful info about tires and tires makers, there was a link to the sit Super Tires - The #1 New and Used tire shop in Florida After visiting the site I collected some sets that I really liked. Next day I called them and we discussed the details.

A few days later I went to the Supertires to take my set (I purchased Goodyear 245/45R18 the price was nearly $100) also I would like to add that the guys mounted my tires and I was just drinking coffee.

Due to some life changes I have moved from Florida and I am trying to find such place at Minnesota or North Dakota. I've been using my set for 2 years and now I want to buy a new used set.

Maybe you may direct me or recommend some great places with new or used tires with a good price.

Thank you.
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