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Hi everybody

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Hi, my name is Anthony Brush and I’m the owner of an online store for car and truck factory navigation systems. I have expertise in factory integration of all sorts of electronics. Navigation systems, DVD entertainment systems, camera integration and factory integrated Bluetooth systems are just a few of the products I deal with on a day to day basis.
I had a 2006 Black Cadillac STS with a sleek body kit and 20” CTS-V Style wheels but now days i'm driving Green Gen Coupe 09. Automotive electronics and accessory’s of all kinds is my passion, and I’m always available to help others out in any way that I can.
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I just purchased a 2013 Genny sedan and am wondering about the cost and efficiency of an aftermarket Nav/Rear Cam system
Hi Mr.Anthony nice to meet you.
i have Hyundai genesis 3.8 2010 year(Fully loaded). I live in Moscow. Unfortunately we have not been sold before a complete set with navigation system.
1. What navigation system I can buy?
2. Is it possible to download a map of Russia there?
Thanks in advance!
Welcome to the site,

Glad to have you aboard and post up some pics of the ride.

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