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Headlight fog and moisture

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First time owning a Hyundai and guess I am speculative of build quality :)o)

Has anyone seen any type of moisture in their headlight casings or fog of any type? Have you been able to remove it.
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No sign of moisture whatsoever on my car.

I would take into the dealership and have them look at it. If they refuse to do anything you can always try using a hair dryer and blow hot air in where you think it may be leaking or cracked in the seal.

If its REALLY bad and the dealership wants to charge you for it, (Warning: For advanced car guru's) take out the headlight, bake it in the oven so the seal gets gooey. Gently pry off the lens and clean up the moisture spots. Reseal the headlight making sure there is a firm, closed seal and bake it again.
Also have no fog.

You must be careful with moisture like that as the headlight will never be the same and if not fixed properly you will risk constantly blowing up headlight bulbs and wasting your money.

Usually this should never happen from factory, especially this soon. Did you get any damage to the headlight or anything, maybe someone bumped it?
Dealer, now! Something isn't right.
Any update on the headlight situation?

I haven't had any headlight fogging on my current car and it's a 2003... The dealer should hopefully fix that since the car is not that old - it is kinda strange that the headlight fogging happened so soon...
Yeah, did the dealer end up taking care of you?

if theres moisture in the headlight theres a few things that might be wrong. could be a crack in the housing, not sealed properly from the factory, or vent to release moisture might be clogged.
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