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Whats up friends

Well I have to say it is awesome to see so much support for this line of fine cars. Just got my 2011 Genesis Sedan couple weeks ago after I got mad that My E350 would not stream my music. I never thought (sure most have said this) I would even consider a Hyundai. I was looking at Cads, Links, BWM,...etc. I pulled into the Hyundai dealership to see what this Genesis was all about. WOW! I'm not gonna waste your valuable time explaining what you know already, but it blew me away. More comforts than my Mercedes by far. An anti fog windshield?? Who thought of that little neat trick. Anyways i'm a proud owner now and I just got my UNAVI bad ass navigation system installed but know one can find me an owners manual. Don't really need one but would love to know how to play the movies. Well take care and ride the ride!

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