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Genesis coupe might get a 5.0L V8?

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I posted in the sedan section that the sedan is set to get the new 5.0L V8 with 429hp. Apparently there's some rumors that the coupe might get this motor as well. I know Hyundai previously said that a V8 won't fit the coupe but Rhys Millen was able to do it. Can someone say MUSTANG KILLER?

Report: Hyundai Genesis Coupe May Recieve All-New 5.0 V8 Engine | News
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i was just thinking of how insane this would be on the sedan. but now i dont even know what to say. its definitely gonna murder the mustang. imagine more hp, better handling, lighter car. ford is gonna be pissed once they hear about this.
5.0L V8 on a Genesis coupe? I'll believe it when I see it. :)
5.0L V8 on a Genesis coupe? I'll believe it when I see it. :)
I don't think too many people will even believe it even if they see it. hahahaha. It makes perfect sense on Hyundai's part though. They've been compared to the Ford Mustang several time already so might as well make a Mustang killer.
Well, it is scheduled for the sedan. The couple would probably need some beefing up before dropping the 5-liter in, but that would be awesome.

Don't count Ford out so quickly, though. Sure, the Mustang needs to lose weight, but earlier rumors suggested that both the new V6 and V8 had to be detuned before releasing for production. Not sure on the V8, but apparently the V6 was putting out 340 HP when first tested for certification.
I don't think Ford will be releasing a Mustang GT that will have more than 429hp any time soon. They save those bigger numbers for their SVT editions. Hyundai is just milking all of this hype and will announce it just prior to it being built. Now the question is how much more will it cost over the base 2.0T?
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