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Genesis' baby brother caught in the wild

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Here's some spy shots caught of the Genesis coupe's baby brother running in the wild, the Hyundai Veloster. From the pics it looks like the front end will be fairly similar to the Genesis coupe. From what I gather this gonna be aimed at people that like the look of the Genesis coupe but what a more practical, fuel efficient model.

click the link for the pics
Veloster sheds disguise | Auto Express News | News | Auto Express
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It doesn't look too bad. Admittedly I wouldn't buy one just because I prefer the genesis coupe a lot more. But if ever I was in the market for something more practical and fuel efficient I'd pick one up.
the veloster was recently spotted side by side with a VW scirocco. so it looks like they're aiming for the scirocco with this baby brother. ill see if theres any other info i can pull up. ill post here if i find anything.

Hyundai Veloster spotted with the competition
This car is aimed at the European gas saver market. I wonder if it will make it our way. I doubt it.

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