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Hello, I tried to sync the Galaxy S4 with 2010 Genesis sedan , It finds the car but won't ask for passkey to connect. Other phones (nokia and Blackberry have no issue) What can I do? Any info could help, Thanks

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Change Passcode to connect Galaxy S4 to Genesis

I had a similar issue with my S4 phone and I had to change the passcode to get it to connect. There is some type of compatibility issue with it still. The phone connects, but it does not receive my contacts.

1.Disconnect from Genesis
2.Delete from phones in Genesis
3.Unpair from bluetooth in Samsung (S4)
4.Go to Advanced settings and choose passcode in Genesis
5.Change passcode to 0000
6.Rescan for Genesis in S4 bluetooth devices
7.Select Genesis

Note: You might have a problem with contacts syncing, I'm still looking for an app from the google store to help with this. Bluetooth phonebook worked with my Enclave but not my Genesis.

Good Luck!
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