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Most of you will think that spoiler is a great accessory, but for the race cars. Why should you include a spoiler to your modern Hyundai and what good it can make to your car? The basic purpose of Hyundai spoilers is to add down force to your vehicle to give it added stability and cornering prowess at high speed. However, Hyundai spoilers also drastically improve your ride's look giving it an aggressive race car aesthetic that is sure to turn heads.

Remin® - Factory Style Rear Spoiler with Light will perfectly complement your car's fine lines, and its distinctive shape will set your car apart from other models. It delivers a sporty image that is easy to be recognized. It is made from automotive-grade ABS plastic, installs easily with screws and gaskets, and comes with everything required for installation. Also a 3rd brake light is included, for increased safety.

Remin® - Custom Style Rear Spoiler will enhance vehicle's exterior as well as improve its maneuverability. It helps to give your car the same look as the high-performance models. It improves aerodynamics, has factory style, made from automotive-grade ABS plastic and installs easily with screws and gaskets.

Both spoilers are available in Unpainted and Painted versions (you can check the paint code by VIN# or with paint code labels, located at the driver side door jamb).

Which one you think would be the best for your vehicle?
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