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Ever wanted a diesel powered Hyundai? Dont hold your breath...

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According to an automotive blog. The CEO of Hyundai says that diesel aren't viable for North America. So anyone ever dreaming of getting wicked gas mileage on a diesel powered Hyundai has to find other options.

Diesels are not viable in the Unites States, says Hyundai CEO - AutoSpies Auto News
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if the epa keeps this up there wont be any good cars left..... even ferrari is thinking of making a v6 car just to keep up with emission standards.
Diesel not viable for North America? I guess they assume that they will just not sell as well to this market. Diesel is not somthing you find at every pump in every metropolotain city. Having to drive out of my way just to full my tank doesnt ever make sence to me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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