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My electronic parking brake failed. It would not release. I could start my car, put it in gear (drive or reverse) but it would not move. It definitely felt like the parking brake was still engaged and would not release.

I call my Hyundai Dealer (still under warranty) and a flatbed truck was sent out, free of charge :).

The flatbed truck driver had to forcibly drive my car (against the parking brake) up on to his truck.

Once at the Hyundai dealership and they had looked at my car, I was told that they have never heard of this type of problem; the electronic parking brake failing to disengage :( .

My car has now been at the dealership for 4 days. I was just told that they may have found the problem in an electrical modular, BUT... :eek: they would have to call Hyundai to make sure that it was the problem :confused: .

Has anyone experienced this problem or ever heard of this happening?
Yes iv had same problem but only after the recall on 2015 Genesis awd ultimate . It also caused issue with auto hold and my lane keep assist and cruise control is no longer active or showing up in options .same with automated error breaking . Epb is lights is on the dash in orange as well as auto hold . But if I start the car and activate the parking break and disengage it. It temp fixes my auto hold and my cruise works again but no lane keep assist but that might be due to faulty sensor or wires from accident that damaged sensor it used to work but winter in Minnesota might have corroded wires that were spliced and simply taped it worked for years but I find it interesting that all this happened at the same time a few hundred miles after parking break switch modual recall was fixed .. after I get the parking break light to turn off and on and things sort of work as soon as I turn the car off there's no parking break light but parking break and will not disengage when I put it in reverse or drive until I monkey with the parking break switch again the light comes on but won't turn off then I shut off car and restart it resets the modual or something and I can engage the gear with out auto hold or parking break being locked which ever one Is causing it . I'm thinking it's the part replaced during recall all I know is I'm extremely irritated . I also have license plate lights that have issues I have to hit lights repeatedly to get the light to turn on bright or it's either off or dim until I hit it . I took one light out and swapped them it's not the lights I kept one out so the cops can't ticet me for burnt out light if there's only one light that works even a little it's better then one working one not and my rear trunk lights on right side intermittently works if I hit it it turns on they work on left side and right side flickers so I disconnected both and just decided I'd rather have no back up white lights then getting stopped for non working right side trunk lights . Iv removed all the trunk panels and traced the wires and almost figured out what's causing it but once I jiggle some wires and think I found the source I can't repeat the same thing to fix it so I just said F it and disconnected it I also have an issue with my auto headlight setting it will randomly turn my headlights off as I'm driving plunging me into complete darkness until I put it in full manual mode by twisting controller forward and if it's in auto mode it sometimes happens while using blinker so I only use manual headlights while driving . Not sure if it's a contact or a short in wire or harness . And to top it off my ass is now cold because my seat heat and seat ac won't work but steering wheel heater does but there's no lights on either passenger or driver side switches for anything but parking alert but all buttons are illuminated just not the active lights when pushed my drive mode eco spord drive and snow mode all work thankfully oh and my stability control button does not work any more but stability or traction control still works just not dash button or the lane keep assist same for the collision avoidance button but collision avoidance still works it lights up red and warns me when I sling shot through the gaps in slow traffic so that's nice and my warning lights on mirrors no longer work that sucks as well but all other buttons like trunk gas and rear privacy screen still work and illumination button works . So looks like Genesis at between 70,000 & 80,000 has some electrical issues my lighting issue started about 60k probably about what it will cause to fix it all through dealer they tried to charge me $16,000 for parts and labor I got all the parts after accident for $1300 and I was going to fix engine craddel upper and lower control arm hub assembly and tie rod ends and strut myself but I paid $3000 to have a shop do it because I went out and bought a 2015 couple while my sedan was being fixed I saved tons of money buying parts online by googling Genesis parts 70% off there's a manufacturer website that all companies use the same white and blue website design Hyundai was going to charge me almost $7000 for the steering gear assembly that was perfectly fine I only needed inner and outer tie rod ends that's some shady business if you ask me but if I were to buy the part factory direct I would have only had to spend about $2000 for the same park they asked $7000 for . Hope someone finds some good info out of my horror story or has any tips as to what's causing my lights to be disfunctional . I love my genny, genny 1 the sedan is still my fav but genny 2 the coupe is wicked fun . Just not so much in the winter the awd sedan is the way to go 160+ miles per hour in either one is insane the coupe hit 168 the sedan I backed off just about 160 all the new gens only go 155 boo hoo . Same with the twinturbo police trailblazers iv raced one before those cop cars are quicker then a hellcat but don't have the top end of my 160mph 5600 pound tank 14 seconds happens way fast accept the weird bog at about 140 then it picks up again in the final 20 or so might be around the 120-140 it happens I don't really look at the speed when I'm booking that fast mostly watch the power poles flicker past one after another and look for deer mainly can you imagine a 160 mph deer strike would it liqufy like when a semi hits one or do you think it would just go up and over or just through the engine compartment and into the back seat along with me and the front bumper cover lol ... Hope I never find out drive safe people I don't have a license so I'm always driving illegal . I drive em like there stolen because all they do is either give me a ticket and make me get a ride or tow it and drop me off someplace or make me park it and drive me home my local cops just shake there head smile and keep driving when they see me ... They know if they impound my car I will just go buy another one the same day iv done it before . And if I have a warrant they just tell me pay $500 cash on the spot and do not pass go and do not go strait to jail and I'm in my merry way like nothing happened so I keep $500 in cash in the stash spot at al times a long with enough to pay for impound and a tow . Gotta think outside the box when the system has there way with you once they bend you over it's just let them have there way and pretend like it never happened and be prepared for them to take your license for another 30 days or 90 I like when they take it for 160 and then a month or two later later hit you with a 90 day suspension . Like oh no 90 it's pointless when your already doing 160 day suspension . By that time it's already been half the time of the 160 days .. silly courts ... And no I don't get pulled over I just don't stop
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