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Electronic parking brake failure

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My electronic parking brake failed. It would not release. I could start my car, put it in gear (drive or reverse) but it would not move. It definitely felt like the parking brake was still engaged and would not release.

I call my Hyundai Dealer (still under warranty) and a flatbed truck was sent out, free of charge :).

The flatbed truck driver had to forcibly drive my car (against the parking brake) up on to his truck.

Once at the Hyundai dealership and they had looked at my car, I was told that they have never heard of this type of problem; the electronic parking brake failing to disengage :( .

My car has now been at the dealership for 4 days. I was just told that they may have found the problem in an electrical modular, BUT... :eek: they would have to call Hyundai to make sure that it was the problem :confused: .

Has anyone experienced this problem or ever heard of this happening?
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Hi Zoe, I have a 2015 Santa Fe Highlander and this just happened to me yesterday, I'm also in Australia. How did you go with the claim? What was the issue? $4,000 .... :(
This same problem just occurred with our 2015 Santa Fe Highlander in Australia. Over $3000 to fix, with a few hundred of the parts of backorder with no ETA into the country. Our mechanic physically disconnected the park brake so we can drive it home, but because the car still thinks its on its beeping like crazy.

Anyone been able to fix this?
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