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Car Cover for my Sedan

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Looking at car covers for my sedan, was wondering if anyone has bought one yet?

Saw this one on Ebay: Hyundai Genesis Sedan 4 door 2009 2010 Car cover : eBay Motors (item 200440365662 end time Mar-18-10 17:11:05 PDT)

Not sure what to look for, safe to assume it will fit?
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I think if it is a reputable dealer you should be ok. Check their ebay ratings first.

Have not checked into it, but does the dealer offer a car cover, they may be another option?
Good price, might not fit perfect but I highly doubt it will be that far off.
What kind of weather will this car cover be seeing - will the car still be in a garage or outside? Quality can mean a lot and go along ways whether inside or outside.
Just make sure it is a breathable! I feel any parts that touch my car should be of high quality. There is a reason why some products are cheaper - they are worse quality and can cause much more troubles than they are worth!
Is it true you should use a car cover even when its in a garage? It does not seem necessary to me.
If you want to keep the dust off yes. Cars get very dusty just sitting in a garage. I have let a few sit around for some time and you have to be careful cleaning them off afterward or you can easily cause swirl marks from the dust.

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