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I bought a 2013 Genesis new for my wife in Jan 2014. She loved it. At the first oil change/service they asked her how she liked it. She loved it "except" she did not like how when she stopped and put the car in park, all the doors unlocked!. She did not like the idea of someone jumping in the unlocked doors. They said that was easy to fix. It was in the owners manual they said. While doing the first service they fixed it to where when she put it in park only her door unlocked. 89,000 trouble free miles later, a kid in a IS 250 ran a stop light and I T-boned him. His ins. company totaled my like new Genesis. Ok I will buy her a new one. Whoa!!, was I in for a surprise, a new G80 was now $58000 with a Turbo 4cylinder and with what they are calling a Market adjustment of $5000. So Into the used market I go. I found a 2014 that looked showroom new. 101,000 miles. It was $5000 less than what I got for my totaled 2013. I do not expect to have a problem for another 100,000 miles and if I do I have 5000 to spend. Or save as the case may be. Here is the problem . I can not find where in the owners manual it tells me how to "fix" the same problem I had on the 2013. Any suggestions besides what I will do, take it to the dealer for my next service?
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