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A New Hyundai Genesis owner

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I drove my new 2014 Black on Black V-6 Genesis home last evening.
I did not have a chance to get it to highway speed in this 5 O'clock Houston, Tx traffic.
I am looking forward to reading through this forum, receiving good advice and information about this vehicle.
I am a "car nut" and enjoy many different styles and options.
This is the base I suppose, not premium or tech pkgs.
Earl also known as "warreneaux":)
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Another new Genesis owner!!
Hi Everyone, really looking forward to being a part of this forum and learning from all of you. Just picked up a brand new 2013 Genesis, got a smoking deal on it and can't believe that I have such a great car at such a small price!! I have black on black, going to get the badge kit, and possibly the wheel inserts. I had a hard time because the brand new 2015 was sitting right next to this one and wow, is that one of the most sexy cars ever!! I wanted it so bad, but could not justify paying 12000 more for the 3.8. Any input is appreciated!!
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