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6 modified Hyundai Genesis from SEMA

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I didn't see this posted anywhere so wanted to share with you guys. Here's a pretty sick lineup of 6 modified Hyundai Genesis from SEMA a couple years ago. Its pretty insane how good they look considering they were only out for a few months when this came out. Click the link to see all the hotness involved.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan and Coupe Storm SEMA |
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those are some amazing cars. i definitely want the street concepts one. i wouldn't mind having the rest as spare cars though.
It's an old one, but yeah the cars look fabulous. I have always wanted to go to SEMA but never had the chance.
i've always dreamed about going to SEMA too. its just surprising how quick the aftermarket parts industry is now. its like even before the car comes out they already have a lot of parts waiting to be sold.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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