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2014 R-Spec Alignment/Drifting Issue

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2014 Genesis R-Spec, 45K miles. Up to now, a perfect car. New tires 2K back, everything was fine for 1000 miles. Then Spousal Unit reports hitting a pothole...hard. Related? Since then, car has a nagging drift to the right. It has been aligned 3 times; twice at dealer. Independent shop aligned it first, but when this did not
fix it, they suggested control arm bushings might be bad and recommended taking it to dealer. So it has been to the dealer twice. "Bushings and everything else fine". "Twice fixed" but no change in drift. "Fixes" amounted to alignments. Same dealer aligned it twice within 2 weeks and could not explain how it was out of alignment again. Dealer has had the care for over a week this time and haven't had an update.

Anybody else had similar issues?
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Got it back from dealer again, this time after a "road force balance". I can't say anything is fixed. But I will say the problem seems intermittent. Or I am intermittently crazy. Equal odds.
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