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The newest edition of the Hyundai Genesis will debut for the first time in North America at the North American International Autoshow in Detroit in early January.

Since the release of the Korean specs there has been a buzz about the powertrain offerings in the new Genesis coupe. The base coupe will come with a 2.0L TCI turbo charged engine or a more impressive 3.8L direct injection motor. The 2.0L will put out 275-hp while the 3.8L will pack 350 horses under the hood. Both of the engines can be coupled with either an eight speed automatic transmission or a six speed manual.

Although we have seen press photo's of the new Genesis a video walk through of the car has been awaited; and finally it's here. Keep in mind that the vehicle in the video is built to South Korean Spec, so it may look a little different then what we will get here in North America.

Watch the Video below:

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