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When Hyundai first introduced the Genesis Coupe it was almost too good to believe. With the Japanese automakers having given up on the sports car segment, there was nothing beyond an oversized, retro-styled American muscle machine at one end of the spectrum, or a luxury coupe at the other. But the Genesis Coupe offered plenty of style, solid performance and a proper rear-drive layout for just over $20,000.

Since then, however, the G Coupe has become somewhat dated. Sure the bodywork still looks nice, but it's lacking the wow factor it once had. That will change for the 2013 model year says Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik, speaking at a launch event for the Genesis sedan in Detroit. "The Genesis Coupe will get a more dramatic change" he told a group of assembled journalists. "It will get more of an exterior style change than the sedan."

The look will be a part of Hyundai's mission to stay on top of automotive design. While Hyundai's new crop of cars are impressive, it's the company's new look that is helping the vehicles get noticed and Krafcik wants to continue to deliver progressive eye-pleasing designs that will be "aspirational not a step back."

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