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Major refresh gains power, demands respect

With the video camera strapped to another Genesis Coupe just inches off my front bumper, I drop into second and hammer on the throttle mid corner to create a heroic moment.

What happened next could politely be described as the result of an overzealous action on my part. A less polite description might simply say I was being stupid.

Instead of a dramatic power slide, the tail of my Tsukuba Red Korean sports car slaps right around, I spin, off-track and into the dust and rocks that line the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch outside Las Vegas.

My experience, while humbling, has also provided an opportunity to learn some important things about the updated Genesis Coupe. First, its upgraded engine now means it deserves some serious respect. And second, as much fun as the new three-stage stability control system is, off is most certainly off.


A lot has changed at Hyundai over the past few years. The Korean automaker’s vehicles have gone from being a third rate choice, to some of the best in the industry. The brand’s lineup now includes a long list of sedans and crossovers that are efficient, good looking, well priced and packed with value. Still, despite shocking the industry with the Genesis Coupe back in 2009, Hyundai is not known for building cars that are fun to drive.

Another step in changing that perception comes with a model refresh to the rear-drive, two-door Genesis; with improvements as dramatic as was the introduction of the car itself into the Hyundai lineup.

Rather than just some new bodywork, the Genesis Coupe is almost a new car. The silhouette may have remained much the same but the Veloster-style nose with a large black opening, more angular headlights and sculpted hood make the car look less sleek, although decidedly more aggressive. Originally repelled by the new look, I already prefer it.

An updated fascia is, however, an expected mid-cycle upgrade. The engine updates are not.
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