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New member here. Looking for some advice. I'm a DIYer, especially with electronics.
I typically like stock equipment, ever since manufacturers left the single DIN behind. However, I have some issues with my Genesis system that I'd like to remedy.
I have the Standard AM/FM/SiriusXM®/CD/MP3 audio system with 7 speakers, the "Bluochrome" radio. And I have three problems.
1. The Bluetooth connection fails from time to time. It has happened during phone calls and during streaming, with multiple phones. It comes back after 60-90 seconds, but I have to deal with switching back to it.
2. Even less often, I'll start the car and the head unit powers up and visibly functions without issue, but no sound comes out of speakers. Changing from AM/FM/CD/MP3/XM or twisting volume knob does nothing. But powering off the head unit (or the car) and back on always solves it.
3. The AM reception is lousy, I occasionally need to listen to KMOX for Cardinals game.

Assuming that these issues would be solved by a new head unit, I'm looking for advice on upgrades or replacement.
How many different OEM options were there for the 2013-Gen? how many can I swap in with existing harnesses?
I realize that backup cameras are not in place, and Navigation may require extra GPS enablement, so those features would require extra parts.
Or are there good aftermarket options? "Good" means it fits well, works better, and won't require dash modifications.

- one note on the no-sound issue. I've heard that this could be an amplifier issue, so if that's the case a new head unit would likely NOT fix my problem.

thank you for your time and thoughts,
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