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Few people who love cars love full-size sedans. Or, to put it more precisely, few people who love cars love full-size sedans that are front-wheel drive.

In the rear-drive segment you've got some luxury, style and fun with cars like the Chrysler 300. But those front drive bastions of beige (Avalon, Impala, LaCrosse, Taurus), are about as likely to get your heart pumping as their owner's bowels moving. Prune juice anyone?

Hyundai is looking to change all this with the 2012 Azera, packing the brand's trademarks of fuel economy and value inside a beautifully sculpted shell. Looking like a stretched Sonata in some respects (by no means a bad thing), it has a unique rear kink that gives a flared fender look along the lines of what you might expect for a rear driver. It's a little less swoopy and looks significantly wider, with a sophisticated chrome front grille and plenty of shiny detailing on the window surrounds. More angular front headlights with LED accents sit up front, and on the rear are two taillights joined by a center section that is worked into the Bangle-ish trunk lid. Want more chrome? There are two integrated exhaust pipes to give that final luxury touch.

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