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Hyundai has just released the above teaser image of the Sonata Hybrid Blue Drive, which will get its world premiere at the New York Auto Show next week. The new 2011 Sonata (reviewed here) already has quite the sleek profile, but this hybrid version aims to give an aggressive and sporty appeal to cars in the hybrid segment.

And while it seems to share to visual resemblance with the new Sonata, it looks mostly identical (at least from this teaser shot) to the i-Flow concept, recently unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. The i-Flow is said to inspire the European version of the new Sonata and it would seem as though the hybrid Sonata will share that look.

As for the Hybrid Blue Drive Sonata's engine, Hyundai has released no info on the powerplant other than that it will use a lithium-polymer battery. We've heard two possible options, the first using the company's 2.4-liter GDI Theta II engine, while the other could use the Blue-Will Concept's 1.6-liter direct injection engine. The later, Hyundai claims, is capable of 50-55 mpg.

We'll bring you more on the Sonata Hybrid Blue Drive as well as Hyundai's other New York Auto Show premieres (a turbocharged model and the Equus luxury sedan) with live coverage starting March 31st.

Hit the link below starting on the 31st for our live updates from the NY Auto Show:

2010 New York Auto Show Coverage

More: 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Teased Ahead of NY Auto Show Debut on
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