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Hyundai has announced that 2016 will be the last year for its Genesis coupe.

While it’s sad that the rear-wheel-drive coupe and Hyundai’s only sports car will no longer be available, you can put your grieving on hold because it’s very likely that a successor to this car is coming from the Korean automaker, although under a different name.

See, Hyundai has launched a new luxury brand called Genesis. Currently offered within the brand is the G80 executive sedan and G90 flagship sedan. Both sound like solid, if a little sterile, players on a small roster. Adding a rear-wheel-drive sports coupe would help spice things up in the lineup and make the brand a bit sexier and enticing for new customers.

Trying to compete against the likes of German sports coupes and American muscle cars alike, this Korean brand has to not only keep up with the established norms in the segment, but also bring its own killer features to stand out from the crowd. In terms of styling, expect a new Genesis coupe to take cues from the Vision G concept we saw during Monterey Car Week about a year ago. We have a few photos of it in this post for reference.

So Genesis, if you’re listening, here’s our wishlist for what we want to see on the next sports coupe.
Read more about the 13 Things We Want to See in the New Coupe From Genesis at
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