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10 most essential car care products

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I was going through the list and I'm happy to say I have all of these in my garage or in my car. :) One thing though, PB blaster works a lot lot better than WD40. Here's the full list.

Ten Most Essential Car Care Products
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I'm definitely going to have to check my toolbox if I have all of these. I know most of them I have but not sure if I have everything. +1 on the PB blaster thing. I personally swear by it. Its bailed me out of some pretty tight jams before.
Some interesting ideas in there. I've never heard of the nail polish thing, so I gotta try that sometime, for sure.
Populating my wishlist as soon as I am done typing here! Thanks for posting this.
Neat, I have almost everything on the list.
The mother's clay bar has come in handy already. Very nice list of items here.
I am using 90% of the products in the list bro will get other ten thanks for posting.
This list is indeed quite good. What i currently lack in my kit is the clay bar and the vacuum system just went kaput some time back. Good old WD40 is a necessity and boon for the car overall. I had been using a foam type tire cleaner but now I have reverted to good old scrubbing and 3m liquid tire dresser. Works quite well and prevents cracks formation too. And I use turtle wax for the exterior.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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